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Exclusive online content—including research projects and short writing prompts—adds an exciting digital dimension to Mapping Our World. All of the teacher's guide activities have been optimized for the digital platform, where students can mark up a virtual map and explore a digital atlas flipbook. The e-atlas also provides access to online-only maps, charts, and graphs that allow students to dig deeper into the atlas's themes. The complete pack includes 30 atlases, a teacher's guide, 15 activity maps, and 15 markers in addition to a 5-year subscription to the digital program.

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
NYS5657-WBNYS MAPPING OUR WORLD PACK: 30 atlases, 15 activity maps, 15 markers, teacher's guide, interactive mapping program 5-year subscription $975.00
NYS8315-WBNYS INTERACTIVE MAPPING PROGRAM: 5-year subscription $695.00

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