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This Spanish-language edition of the Nystrom Block Buddy Atlas corresponds page for page with the English version, ideal for helping English language learners keep pace with key content. The atlas introduces maps and map skills by studying a local neighborhood—the geographic "region" most familiar to young students—and then considers larger neighborhoods: the U.S., the continents, and the world. The neighborhood maps are bird's-eye views that make interpretation intuitive and easy, captioned photographs help readers understand that maps are about people as well as about places, and cartoon characters ask questions requiring critical thinking, like "¿Dónde trabajan las personas en tu vecindario?" The atlas also includes age-appropriate U.S., world, and continent maps. Throughout the atlas, text and place names on the maps are in Spanish. The correlated student activities provide reproducible activity handouts for every two-page spread in the atlas, with student handouts and answer keys in Spanish while teaching directions are in English. A 5-year ebook subscription to the atlas (with or without its student activities), delivered through StrataLogica, is good for one teacher and all that teacherís students. The atlas pack combines 30 Spanish atlases, one reproducible student activity book, and the 5-year ebook subscription to the atlas and its student activities. Most widely used in grade 1. Index. Glossary. Key to abbreviations. 8Ĺ" x 11". 48 pages. ©2015.nysatlases

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice5 or more Price
NYS3510-WBNYS 9780782523621 Paperback atlas $8.00$7.20 (5 or more)
NYS5508-WBNYS 9780782523508 Reproducible student activity book $100.00
NYS2411E-WBNYS 5-year atlas ebook subscription $155.00
NYS2441E-WBNYS 5-year atlas ebook subscription with activities $255.00
NYS5500-WBNYS ATLAS PACK: 30 atlases, 1 student activity book, 5-year ebook subscription with activities $299.00

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