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THE NYSTROM JUNIOR GEOGRAPHER ATLASMaster early geography skills and study U.S. regions


Grade 4

Strengthen social studies and map skills as students explore regions of the United States. This atlas provides well-visualized explanations of the concepts and skills used in reading maps and globes. The team of Junior Geographers challenge fourth graders by asking them to apply their sharpened map skills to find answers. Index. Glossary. 8½"x 11". 88 pages.

Sample pages

Also available:

  • Spanish-language version
  • Student activity book
    Expand geographic knowledge, social studies literacy, and critical-thinking skills with 93 pages of nine outline maps and 35 reproducible activities corresponding to each two-page spread in the atlas. Fifteen additional information literacy lessons are available with or without correlations to Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Answer keys. 8½"x 11".
    Sample activities
  • Atlas ebook subscription
    License for one teacher and students
  • Atlas pack
    30 atlases, the student activity book, and a five-year atlas ebook subscription with online activities
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QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice5 or more Price
NYS0021-WBNYS 9780782524765 Paperback atlas $9.25$8.32 (5 or more)
NYS5488-WBNYS 9780782524864 Student activity book with literacy lessons $125.00
NYS5933-WBNYS 9780782524000 ATLAS PACK: 30 atlases, student activity book with literacy lessons, 5-year atlas ebook subscription with activities $399.00
NYS2205E-WBNYS 5-year atlas ebook subscription $199.00
NYS2235E-WBNYS 5-year atlas ebook subscription with activities $324.00

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