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COMMUNITIES HERE AND THEREStudy a 25-block community to develop social studies skills and concepts in civics, culture, economics, history, and geography


Nystromís Exploring Where and Why, Grade 2

Continue to build layers of learning social studies as students explore an expanded concept of community with Communities Here and There. Second graders are introduced to topics involving consumers, producers, and government. This complete core curriculum includes solutions for all ages and learning styles so every student can succeed.

Interactive components and hands-on lessons develop a blend of key concepts and skills. As students hold a model of the earth in their hands and feel raised-relief maps they begin to understand where they are in the world and why it matters. The friendly Nystronaut alien looks to students for answers and encourages inquiry-based learning. A companion library of trade books and activities reinforces literacy while involving students in relevant topics. A Spanish-language version of this program is also available.


  • 15 Nystronaut Atlases with 48 pages of intuitive maps supported with text, photographs, and illustrations (8½" x 11")
    Sample pages from the atlas

  • One 290-page teacher's guide with step-by-step lesson plans based on national and state standards, and with photocopy masters for reproducible handouts
    Sample pages from the guide

  • 15 information literacy lessons
  • 1 literacy library with 12 age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction trade books and cross-curricular activities expands the curriculum while developing literacy skills
  • 6 nine-inch globes (with cradle mounts) emphasizing the continents and their (unlabeled) countries
  • 30 laminated, markable, double-sided desk maps (11"h x 17"w) showing an urban and a rural community
    Sample images of the maps

  • 30 laminated, markable, double-sided desk maps (11"h x 17"w) showing the U.S. and the world (with most countries labeled)
  • 2 laminated, markable wall maps (33"h x 50"w) matching the community desk maps
  • 6 markable raised-relief maps showing the community in a 3-D landscape
  • 30 fine-tip markers, 4 wide-tip markers
  • 1 cart to organize and store all components
  • Digital package with downloadable teacher's guide, Nystronaut Atlas, interactive mapping tools, and outline maps
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N2EWW2L-WBNYS 9780782512434 Additional literacy library $175.00

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