Nystrom Education

Elementary Grades

When they love it,
they learn it

Grade 3

Carefully leveled, mutually supporting resources deepen understanding of the world and its people

Exploring Where & Why

People and Places Everywhere

To discover how a community fits into its larger regional context—and then into the nation and the world—kids dig into inquiry-based activities that feel more like play than work. Along the way, they absorb a full-year of cross-curricular social studies skills and concepts. Available with Spanish resources. Learn More »

Map Champ Atlas

Transitioning from bird’s-eye-view to flat maps, this atlas teaches kids the basics of how to read maps and how to interpret what maps can show about communities, the U.S., and the world’s continents. Also available in Spanish. Learn More »

Readiness Maps

Introduce the world’s nations and most important cities, and U.S. states and their main cities, through maps that emphasize political regions but also, through shaded relief, show relationships between physical terrain and political boundaries. Learn More »

Readiness Globe

Dramatic 3-D raised-relief mountain ranges attract kids’ fingers, making this globe’s terrain instantly understandable. Where the globe for grades K–1 emphasized continents, this globe focuses on the world’s countries and their most important cities. Learn More »

StrataLogica Elementary License

Make all of Nystrom’s elementary maps, globes, atlases, and activity sets digital and available to teachers and students both at home and in school. Nystrom’s carefully spiraled K–5 geography resources allow teachers to support and challenge every student at just the right level. Learn More »