Nystrom Education

Elementary Grades

When they love it,
they learn it

Grade 1

Carefully leveled, mutually supporting resources introduce the world and its people

Exploring Where & Why

Neighborhoods Near and Far

By exploring a small neighborhood—the most relatable geographic “region”—through inquiry-based activities that feel more like fun than work, young students absorb a full year of cross-curricular social studies skills and concepts, then apply them to their country and the world. Available with Spanish resources. Learn More »

Block Buddy Atlas

Bird’s-eye-view maps ease kids into intuitive interpretations, while captioned photographs convey that maps are about people as well as places. Each two-page spread helps kids explore a critical-thinking question like “Where do people work in YOUR neighborhood?” A Spanish edition is available. Learn More »

Early Learning Map Series

Introduce the youngest learners to how maps describe the world. Providing basic geographic information using simple cartographic symbols and conventions, these shaded-relief political maps emphasize the world’s continents and the states that make up the United States. Learn More »

Early Learning Raised-Relief Globe

Dramatic 3-D raised-relief mountain ranges attract kids’ fingers, making this globe’s terrain instantly understandable. The globe’s colors put emphasis on the continents, but red borders and country names help students to begin to know the nations of the world. Learn More »

StrataLogica Elementary License

Make all of Nystrom’s elementary maps, globes, atlases, and activity sets digital and available to teachers and students both at home and in school. Nystrom’s carefully spiraled K–5 geography resources allow teachers to support and challenge every student at just the right level. Learn More »